Sheet Explorer

What is the story?

Excel was great to me, but just until that cold day in winter! After that day it was so hideous, because of those too many sheets in it! Many sheets and each sheet having lots of formulas referencing the other sheets.

So, basically my challenges in using that excel file with too many sheets are these:

  • It is really hard to find a sheet using that tiny bar of sheets.
  • After finding a sheet, it is even harder to understand it, understand how its formulas are related to the other sheets.

How Sheet Explorer Helps?

This image simply shows how does it help you:

It helps you to easily:

  • Navigate to different sheets by searching their titles.
  • See how many formulas exist within each sheet.
  • Analyze the formula dependency of the sheet in a tree view.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us.  This privacy statement provides information about the personal information that "Sheet Explorer" excel add-in collects.

So, what type of information we collect and store? Nothing! This add-in does not collect or transmit any user information.