About Mehran

This is a simple Mehran Davoudi! I enjoy discovering and learning new stuff. Mostly, people know me as the former head of development department in Carane Resource Planning Systems (a former well known ERP provider in Iran). After all,  6 years of great experience in my career shaped there.

Currently, I'm working as an independent software professional, consulting companies with critical and large-scale software.


I'm a former technology geek! These days I just track technologies to have a good overview of them. Mostly, it's really hard to find a technology that I haven't heard about!

My main focuses are:

  • Software Engineering
  • Software Development Processes
  • New Languages and Syntax investigation
  • Parallel Programming


Why DVD!?

Don't get it wrong! DVD is not for digital video disc!! It's just an abbreviation for Davoudi.

I picked it years ago when digital video disc was not invented yet! Hopefully, with the new technologies coming to the market, discs are disappearing. So, its true meaning (me!) will be back again soon!

It's me, Merhan!