HoloCode: Debugging with HoloLens Pleasure

So what's my idea? I truly believe that mixing AR with AI would bring a totally new experience to humans. An experience that makes people surprised and make them wondering : "I was doing this without AI and AR, how!?"
My initial idea is to bring a new experience for developers. There is a lot of developers in the market. So, in the recent years, selling tools like IDEs and other services to them is getting interesting more and more. Writing a new IDE is not a startup, you should be JetBrains or Microsoft to do that! My idea is to write an extension for IDE(s) like Visual Studio or IntelliJ that supports HoloLens glasses. When you put HoloLens and writing the code, you can see the whole source code file, even out of the monitor. You can see the debugging information out of the monitor, in front of you. For example you can watch variables spread out on your table.

This is an initial sketch to show the concept (Drawer: Maryam, my lovely sister). It could be an extension software for  Microsoft Visual Studio or JetBrains IntelliJ to utilize HoloLens for debugging.

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