Why do you need Namahn?

Such a great time I had at the workshop designed by Namahn! In fact, it was a series of workshops related to human-centric sciences. To be exact, there were 3 independent workshops presented in 3 days (all presented by  Joannes Vandermeulen):

  • Day 1: UX Design
  • Day 2: Mobile Design
  • Day 3: Information Visualization

Under the hood, there was a huge amount of concepts and I think it is required at least 3 days for each workshop. Fortunately, Joannes was great at compacting all those 9 days contents into a "3 days workshop".

And here I want to compact it more! And bring it into a 2 hours presentation called: "Namahn in biref: why do you need Namahn?". It is a tough work, but finally I made it. Here I want to describe the process of this minification!

First of all, I understood that it is impossible to talk about the whole content in just 2 hours. Basically, in 2 hours, it is just possible to talk about the "table of contents" and its structure (if possible), which is quite boring! I decided not to have such a boring session. So, instead of bringing the whole content, I changed the goal of my presentation. Now, the main goal of presentation is just to initiate some questions.

At the other hand, the presentation flow of Joannes was top-down. It starts by root concepts (which are abstract) and leads to leafs with some practical examples. I decided to make it upside-down and start from some leafs (exciting ones!) and shape some meaning by combining them to reach the top-level concepts.

So if you check my presentation, you can see that:

  • It starts with a very simple example in our life!
  • Then it extracts some tangible facts from the example to introduce the new concepts (Gestalt and Persona).
  • Combining these concepts, people see how great are tight together and helps to solve problems in life.
  • After all, there is a little talk about Service Design and Design Thinking concepts.

And finally, here is the link to my presentation:


If you have any idea to improve it, do not hesitate and just let me know.

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