Software Quality comes from people not languages!

In the recent years, I've worked with lots of enterprise-level languages and technologies like: C/C++, Java, C#, Groovy/Grails, NodeJS/JavaScript, TypeScript and so many other technologies. In fact, I'm consulting companies to work with these technologies.

What do you think about a proper language/technology to pick for a company?

There are some elements which help to categorize languages, like:

  • type safe vs. not-type safe
  • managed vs. not-managed
  • functional vs. not-functional

Although these parameters help to clarify the question, I think the most important parameter is the skill of people involving.

Quality of a software mostly comes from the  quality of its developers, not from the quality of its language or technologies.

I see lots of great Java developers which produce high quality software, and lots of high quality software created by professional .Net developers. Also I saw lots of bad products on both stacks. Having the same languages and technologies, the quality of products are drastically different. Why!?

Software is a product being built based on minds of people, not a series of characters in a specific language. So, the quality the of minds directly affects the quality of software.

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