Goalkeepers vs. Leaders

I know it's odd, but I always like goalkeepers more than other players. Of course not because of their handsomeness! It's their role in the team which I'm interested in.

The goalkeeper's role and their position in the team is very interesting to me, mostly because of their very different attitude and character.

Different judgment system!

In a game, most of players are being judged by their achievements (successful passes, goals, ...). Contrary to other players in the team, Goalkeepers are being judged for their mistakes instead for their achievements (their saves).  For example other players are mainly being assessed by their successful goals (not by their failed shots), successful passes (not by their wrong passes), and successful tackles (not by their fouls).

In fact each success of a forward leads to a score for the team, whereas each failure of a goalkeeper leads to a score against the team. But each failure of a forward is hardly counted, just like as a success of a goalkeeper is hardly seen.

You're not failure-proof

Oh man! It's really hard to be a goalkeeper. Your mistakes are being counted rigorously! And they're determining the result of the game. How to play under such a pressure!?

Being a goalkeeper, your mistakes determine the result of the game.

This situation I've described is just like the situation of a leader in a team at workplace. Leaders have such responsibility in their team. Hardly seen for their personal successes but responsible for failures, but still they should be strong.

To be a leader you should not expect to be fail-proof (every goalkeeper dreams to be!), instead you should be able to manage your failures and use them to create a success in future.

In recent years you can find lots of champion soccer teams with a goalkeeper as their captain or leader and that's interesting. I think this idea works for teams.

Culture is the winner

For a team, having a leader with a leadership soul is great. But wonder if all members of the team are goal keepers. All members have their profession and a goal keeper soul inside. Such a team is one I would dare to bet on! Gambling on such a team would be a smart investment.

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